What is ATOM?

Animation Technologies and Game Development Center (ATOM) is a pre-incubation center established by ODTÜ TEKNOKENT in 2008.

The most important feature of ATOM is that it focuses on two important sectors that are improving and are matching with the soul of entrepreneurship: Digital Games and Animation.

Applications are received to the center, and applicant teams are evaluated according to their project planning, team vision and team structure. Although approved candidate teams mainly focus on their project development processes, they are also expected to improve their entrepreneurial skills.

After their one-year-long support; teams are encouraged to establish their companies.

The center’s one-year-long supports are listed below:


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All teams work together in ATOM’s open office area and get the chance to share their experiences.

Physical and Technical Infrastructure

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The center offers internet, hardware and software infrastructure to all teams for a year.

University- Industry Cooperation

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ATOM has a great role in university-industry cooperation, which is one of the most important missions of ODTÜ TEKNOKENT. ATOM teams have the chance to get together with university and important proficiency know-how. Also, ATOM’s process and knowledge accumulation is transferred to the academical studies.


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One-to-one mentorship are provided with the professionals from the sector, in terms of the needs and projects of ATOM teams, and the importance of informing the teams by experts is realized.


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Within the framework of ATOM support, many training activities are carried out for ATOM teams regarding their development processes. These studies are presented in different areas as both design-based and technical studies.


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ATOM organizes various activities for its own teams and sector representatives. The sector’s information flow is provided through hackathons, competitions, panels, seminars and similar activities, thus sector representatives are allowed to strengthen the development ecosystem.

ATOM, which performs different events throughout the year, is one of the most crowded centers of the Global Game Jam organization that is held every year.

Business Development

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Business development features, which are described as the deficiencies of entrepreneurs operating in creative fields all over the world, have become one of the important elements of ATOM.

All ATOM teams are provided with project management support, and trainings on business development, marketing, business and team management are provided to realize their own business ideas.