Vision and Objectives

Strategic Features

The main purpose of ODTUTEKNOKENT ATOM is “To encourage R&D activities in the animation and game technologies under the media sector, which is the most strategically positioned sector among the sectors that produce high added value in the global market, to encourage R&D activities, to support the commercialization of existing business ideas, to promote entrepreneurship in the sector, and is to raise qualified workforce for the sector.” On this basis, these are ATOM’s Strategic Features:

  • To base the corporate studies on the basis of long-term partnership and to find suitable professional studies and materials,
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship in the game and animation industry,
  • To provide qualified workforce for the sector,
  • Creating a cluster specializing in game and animation,
  • To create a platform where academicians, companies and students can work together,
  • Creating awareness in the society about digital arts,
  • To create an information sharing platform on game and animation,
  • Creating new technology based companies,
  • To make university-industry cooperation effective and continuous,
  • To develop cooperation with other countries in the sector,
  • Providing the necessary infrastructure for commercialization of creative and innovative business ideas,
  • To minimize the risks that entrepreneurs take in the sector,
  • The development and foundation of entrepreneurs is to provide the necessary training and physical support for their sound initiatives.

Strategic Goals

Operational goals and objectives are determined as follows to strengthen the strategic setup and make it sustainable:

  • Increasing the quality of incubation services and being focused on needs,
  • Directing the beneficiary groups to higher projects in terms of financing while maintaining their focus,
  • Providing more directing consultancy to the groups in the corporate processes and supporting those who come only with sustainable business models,
  • Reaching more competent and more people who have the potential to be found in the ODTU TEKNOKENT – ATOM circulation and establishing a training and support model for new participants to benefit more from ODTU TEKNOKENT – ATOM,
  • Ensuring that the software and hardware supports provided are used more efficiently within ODTU TEKNOKENT – ATOM and ensuring the sustainability of these supports,
  • Completing the cooperation structure,
  • Completing the integration processes into business networks,
  • Determination of strategy and mission partners,
  • Preparation of strategic action plans,
  • Making agreements for institutions and organizations that support,
  • Preparation of cooperation agreements,
  • Preparation of employment contracts,
  • Preparation of usage contracts,
  • Preparation of confidentiality agreements,
  • Preparation of training programs and Information processes, Participation and hosting in regional, national and international sectoral organizations, and these organizations and activities should be carried out in accordance with the goals of ODTÜ TEKNOKENT – ATOM and also contributing in terms of finance,
  • Formal processes should be started by increasing the leading role of ODTÜ TEKNOKENT – ATOM in the establishment of the sector.